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EPC-France has chosen to invest in the future by providing its customers with the option of mixing the explosives they need on site. This not only eliminates the risk of the transporting explosives on the roads, but it also enables our customers to provide their teams with user-friendly flexibility. This MEMU solution can be used in quarries through multiple products, but also in an underground underground environment where it takes the form of a MORSE (module and re-pumping of explosive sensitization) avoiding the constraints of preloading.




Nitrodis is a fuel oil nitrate type explosive that is mixed directly on site. Ideal for dry holes ; making the cumbersome handling of the 25 kilo bag unnecessary.




Blendex 31-31A

Blendex 31 and 31A are composite emulsions produced on-site by MEMU for quarrying. Made largely of ammonium nitrate, the products are not water resistant, but when aluminium is added, it is a perfect product for the release of the foot.




Blendex 85-85 A

Blendex 85-85A and 100 are powerful composite emulsions formed largely in emulsion. This feature makes them insensitives to water. The addition of aluminium to Blendex enables energy gains and thus avoids the use of full length cartridges.



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